Your Financial Future

Your money can work for you, so you can stop working so hard for your money. It has for these ClearView Bookkeeping clients!

Case Studies

  • A painter went from spending $3,500 a month for bookkeeping with a CPA to less than half of that. Even better, he went from waiting 2-3 months for financial reports to having them almost immediately.

  • A window company went from spending hours and being 6-months behind on the books to being current and having the time to generate an additional 500K+ in annual revenue…all for a fraction of the $3,000+ they were being billed by their CPA.

  • A church, which was eight years behind on their tax returns and terrified to file, had barely any money, and had no clue where the money was going is now on a repayment plan with the IRS, current on filings, just bought a new building for the church in cash, and has $65K in savings.

  • A realtor with no time to manage her books now spends more time showing houses as we work directly with her CPA, giving them everything they need.

  • A company with just 30 days to lights out emergency savings now has over $300K in savings in two years. Additionally, they’re putting aside $100K annually to keep them running for decades. And all thanks to streamlined accounting, better budgeting, and making better decisions.


I would be lost without Kassie’s help. She has helped me streamline and organize my QuickBooks, making it so much easier for me to get things done on my end. Plus, I consider her my friend and truly believe that she cares about my business and its success.

Before working with Clear View, I was overwhelmed and disorganized. Then after working with them these last 2 ½ yrs., I feel more confident in my books and decisions for the future of my company. Thank you!

My Three largest improvements:
1. Confidence because I know that what & how I’m entering my data is correct.
2. Reports are up to date and correct in order to make good business decisions.
3. Organized/Productive – I am able to do more in less time for my business, in my books and my files.

I HIGHLY recommend Kassie because of her work, ethics, and how she cares about doing her very best and getting me what I need. Also, that I understand what and why it’s done a certain way. I have and will continue to recommend her to all.
Window Retail Company, Texas
ClearView has done for us what several could not. Kassie and her team are extremely knowledgeable and have helped us get our financials in order. Since signing with them to take over our bookkeeping, we have experienced extreme growth and feel we always know the heartbeat of our business. We can definitely sleep better at night. Worth every penny!
Plumbing Franchise
We are THE BIGGEST FANS of Clearview Bookkeeping!! Although words cannot express all the great things I would like to say about their business, some of the things that come to mind are: completely trustworthy, a high level of professionalism, always available, very accommodating, always prompt and courteous, no request is too small, and no request is too big. Not only do they take excellent care of our books, they actually care about us and look out for us, and they have our best interests in mind. While financial integrity and management of our finances have always been a top priority to us, years ago we developed a CORE value in regards to our fiscal operations that states: “The bookkeeping serves the organization, not the other way around”. We are able to focus on our mission and they serve alongside us to that end. Truly we have a fantastic relationship with them as they have enabled us to reach new levels in our own unique work by taking such expert care of our books, answering all of our questions, researching issues that affect us, training us where needed, guiding us to better solutions, with integrity and excellence.

Before working with Clearview, we were way less organized, less efficient, and often there was a little voice in the back of our heads making us wonder what we were missing or possibly doing wrong. Since Clearview has taken on our bookkeeping, we are free to pursue our mission with greater peace of mind and focus, we also see the added benefit financially that professional management brings.

I would say that the three most significant improvements we have seen as a direct relation to working with Clearview are:
1. Full confidence and awareness of our current financial position.
2. Complete trust that all of the attention is being paid to every detail.
3. High level of professionalism in our bookkeeping systems and management.

Obviously, we think very highly of Clearview Bookkeeping. And I personally have a deep appreciation for Kassie Soldano (Special K to me) and her team. Make the switch, you will be so glad!!!
Large Non-Profit, Texas