An Ideal Bookkeeping Partnership

Part of making your money work for you is making smart investments in your business. Because of this, much care is taken to ensure that ours is an ideal bookkeeping partnership. We want to ensure you of a solid return on your investment, after all!

Who You Are:

We are a great fit for business owners spending too much time with bookkeeping, or who ignore it entirely.

Maybe you’ve worked extra hard, but rent is due and you don’t know if you have enough funds to pay. Or your business is really starting to grow, and it’s leaving you without time to enter monthly transactions. You may be months behind on the books and too afraid to even look at a statement. You may even be behind a tax payment or two.

Your Pain:

The growth in business is exciting, and it’s where you like to be—helping others and providing high-quality services. Of course tax deadlines require your attention, but how can you serve your clients and find time for bookkeeping too? Plus, you don’t know what to prep for your CPA, so it’s a chaotic rush to get those taxes filed.

You have a sinking feeling in your stomach because you hate dealing with statements and registers. Neither do you have any idea what the difference is between the cost of goods sold and expenses. And entering the information takes twice as long as bringing on a new client, so you put it off. You’re increasingly anxious; wondering if your tax filings are even accurate because you’re sure you’ve forgotten something.

Your Problem:

You understand the importance of following the rules and regulations set by the state and federal governments. However, the requirements are overwhelming and costly, especially when you don’t understand or even like trying to keep up.

You know that knowing where your finances stand can be the difference between a failed or successful business. But  you don’t know what money is coming or going on any given day! Changes need to be made but you don’t even know where to start.


The good news is you have options. You can start by hiring a CPA firm to enter your accounting. This is typically the most costly solution upfront and often includes slow turnaround time for access to your own information. The second option is to hire a staff member to handle the workload. This is often the first reaction of businesses and after a few burns of bounced checks, fraud issues, salary, and major labor burden, you are left with an even messier set of books. Lastly, you can hire an outsourced bookkeeping expert for your company, like us. This typically comes with an in-house bookkeeping style relationship, timely turnaround, lower cost with work customized to your needs, and an advocate for your business.

Your ROI

Outsourcing to ClearView Bookkeeping can generate an excellent ROI for you if you are looking for:

Reliable and timely financial information to enable more effective decision making.

Simplified, less stressful, and more accurate tax filing; safeguarding you from costly mistakes and fines.

Streamlined and organize bookkeeping processes that maximize efficiency and tax deductions, while minimizing wasteful expenditures.

Full confidence in the accuracy of your financial position at any point in time.

Greater peace of mind as you regain time to grow your business.

More cost-effective and tax-deductible support than if you hire staff accountants who require income and employment taxes, benefits, or unemployment insurance.

Third-party protection for non-profits to keep in good compliance.