Our Mission

Our mission is simple—to help you grow and succeed. We do this by bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and the stifling tax regulations that get in your way. By focusing on building honest, simple, and reliable systems and processes, our bookkeepers take the overwhelm out of bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll. In turn, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what you love.

As bookkeepers with expertise in creative financial strategy, we aim to educate on the overall financial health of your business and empower you to make decisions that will get your money working for you.

Who Am I?

It’s lovely to meet you! I’m Kassie Soldano, fellow small business owner and founder of ClearView Bookkeeping. Accounting and small business run decades-deep in my family. From the generations that came before me, I have developed a deep appreciation for family-owned-and-operated companies.

My career was first molded by a degree in Finance and Business Administration. Then, further shaped by many years of service as a Financial Counselor for US military families. I learned first-hand the profound impact which can be created when joining sound accounting practices with dynamic financial strategy. Now, it is my passion to share that knowledge with other small business owners like you.

With over a decade of experience in finance and accounting across a variety of industries, I consider myself a creative square peg fitting into the traditional bookkeeping round hole. My team and I take pride in managing books with the integrity that even the most conservative CPA will love. All while also helping you create a dynamic plan for an exciting financial future.

(And I have worked alongside top-notch CPAs, so I know exactly what they want to see come tax time!)

I started ClearView Bookkeeping when it became clear that there is an incredible need for small businesses to have someone they can trust to bridge the gap with their CPA. I’ve built an incredible team, and we sleep well knowing we make a difference in our clients’ businesses and lives.

My Team

An incredible business would not be complete without a rockstar team — and at ClearView Bookkeepers, we’re no different. I am confident I have built a phenomenal team that will help your small business grow and become more profitable. 

Everyone at ClearView Bookkeeping is QuickBooks Online and Desktop certified. Combined, we have over four decades of accounting, finance and bookkeeping experience. We work together seamlessly so you can take comfort knowing there will always be someone here familiar with your books.   

Why Do We Love Managing Your Books?

Small business has the power to reshape communities. Your success is vital for your local economy, and we want to see you thrive for many years to come.

You work incredibly hard to provide—for yourself, your family, the community. You are an expert in your field and you have an incredible reputation for the service you deliver. We want your money to work for you, so you can stop working so hard for your money. We want to help you leave a legacy for your family and your community.